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“To photograph is to have a new point of view, a new perspective, it is the art that I exercise to understand the work of humans and nature. Through it I observe and learn different techniques, styles, and points of view, which add to my being and  help me to have a holistic view of functions  that I must exercise in my professional daily life."  

- Raphael Costa

Casas em Lille- França
NHL Hogeschool
Park em Leeuwarden
Aeroporto Charles de Gaulle
Pubs em Leeuwarden
Luminárias de barco
Outono em Leeuwarden
Parque em Leeuwarden
Paris vista da Torre Eiffel
2014-10-20 18.26.27
Matthias Church - Budapeste
Louvre - escadaria
Matthias Church - Budapeste
Fisherman Bastion - Budapeste
Vajdahunyad Castle
Vajdahunyad Castle
Vajdahunyad Castle
Parlamento em Budapeste
St. Stephen's Basilica - Budapeste
Parlamento Budapeste
Dia frio Bruxelas
Sapatos nas margens do Danubio
Hofburg Vienna
Castelo em Luxemburgo
Gods at the Austrian parliament
Deuses em movimento
Basilica- Vaticano
Streets at the St Stephan Cathedral
Streets of Bruxelas
Louvre de Lille
Bruxelas Townhall
Shy building - Bruxelas
Volkstheater subway station
Louvre de Lille
Budapeste Castle
Louvre de Lille - Exposição
Passeio em Bruges
Louvre de Lille
casa em Giothorn
Casas em Bruges
Parlamento de Budapeste
Subway station - Lille
Louvre Lille
Giothorn bridge
A bela época, Lille
Poder - Vaticano
Inverno - Giothorn
Entardecer - Lille
Crepúsculo Budapeste
Familia em Giothorn
Esquinas de Giothorn
Entadecer - Lille
Cinquantenaire - Bruxelas
It's a kind of magic - Bruges
Entardecer em Nijmegen
Esquinas em Bruxelas
Ruas de Lille
Napoleon Bridge
Bahia de Bacoli
St. Stephen's Basilica
Crossroad Budapest
Napoleon Bridge
Curves - Luxemburg
Mesquita Judaica em Vienna
Square - Zurich
Comércio em Zurich
Vultures streets in Bruxelas
Canals - Bruges
The Loyds Building - London
30 St Mary Axe
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