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Given our experience with real estate projects and green technologies, we provide consultancy in the area of Civil Construction,  Sustainability and BIM, working with companies and partners indicating the best solutions for each type of business.

Examples of consultancy are: technical-economic project feasibility consultancy, environmental certification consultancy, financial feasibility of projects, project compatibility.

Examples of training are: agile methodologies for project management; project management with emphasis on the American model, design thinking for the development of products and services; training in lean methodologies such as 5S  and 6 sigma.


Green technology is understood as any technology that adds to the project's sustainability. Green Technologies can be either technological products such as photovoltaic panels, or traditional products that have ecological products in their constitution, such as modular ecological bricks.


Green technologies can be installed in buildings in order to improve usability conditions. Examples of works in green technologies that we carry out are: dimensioning and installation of photovoltaic panels, dimensioning and installation of a rainwater reuse system, environmental retrofit, wetlands and permaculture systems

Among the main advantages of using such technologies, the following stand out: low impact on the environment and financial return on investment. 

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