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Oops! First let me introduce myself, otherwise it would be rude to you. I'm Raphael da Costa , a project specialist with over 12 years of experience in the market. Yeah I know, I look younger. But let me tell you what has driven me all these years: inspire people to innovate and make dreams come true, thus building a better world.


Madness right? But that's why I separated this gift for you, you know that idea you'd like to get on paper? Or that job you so long for? Do you know that project you abandoned, or that business you dream of conquering? Even that job you've been dreaming of having? I can help you with it!


The projectiles is an initiative that aims to disseminate knowledge of projects, processes, sales and marketing to people like you and me. In addition to helping small entrepreneurs thrive through our expert advice. That's why I've released you a 20% discount on all our entrepreneurship certifications.

You will not only learn knowledge that you can use for your life, but a qualified professional with certifications that are recognized worldwide by the market will also leave here. We are training partners of VMEDU/ ScrumStudy, one of the largest certification bodies in the world, with more than six million people certified worldwide. With this discount you will have access to a very high level content, separated into modules and short videos, support material, case studies, online classes and all this for the most competitive price in the market. These are trainings ranging from Scrum to Lean Six Sigma.


You can choose 100% training with recorded videos, or live directly with me, where we will talk about the applications of this knowledge in everyday life. All courses also entitle you to take the certification exam. By clicking on the button below you will be directed to our courses and just use the coupon: Celebrate  to celebrate with us! But beware, this offer is valid for 60 days.

The only appeal I make to you is, don't let the time you spent here be in vain, we are living in a crisis where thousands of people are looking for jobs without being able to stand out in the job market. So if you are not going to use the coupon on your birthday, I ask you to offer someone you know in the technology, projects, processes, marketing or sales area, who is looking for ways to stand out, even if you do not use the gift, another person can use, and we can celebrate together!


That's it! I hope you like this one! 

Happy birthday and see you soon!

Raphael Marques da Costa

Leader of Oprojecteis 

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